21-26 September 2020
  • 3 Trainers
  • 4-6 Students
  • 6 Consecutive Days


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The course is addressed to students who have already attended our Implantology Initiation Course or to students  who had clinical practice in implantology for at least two years and wish to improve several surgical and prosthetic aspects.

Topics such as maxillary sinus augmentation, implants in aesthetic area, guided bone and tissue regenerations, full arch immediate loading surgeries, all-on- 4 protocols will be addressed.

Soft tissue manipulation techniques will also be approached as a complement to implant surgery to increase tissue volume or improve aesthetic and functional predictability.

The course is limited to 4-6 students who will work in groups of 2. Each group of 2 dentists will perform at least 3 surgeries.


  • Acquire skills to perform more complex surgeries, such as bone and tissue regeneration surgeries, maxillary sinus surgeries and immediate loading surgeries;
  • Acquire capacities for the accomplishment of complex prosthetic rehabilitations like total prostheses on implants or prostheses in aesthetic zones;
  • Domain of the various surgical techniques and prosthetic solutions in immediate loading full arch rehabilitations, namely through classic protocols of 6 implants or All-on-4 protocols.


  • At the pre-clinical level the student will practice the various techniques learned and will be evaluated in order to determine the existence of adequate aptitude for the treatment with patients.

CLINIC (Practice with Patients)

  • Students will work in groups of 2. Each group of 2 dentists will perform at least 3 surgeries.
  • Clinical practice will be performed with patients under the guidance of teachers.


  • 6 days Intensive and Consecutive from 9.30am to 7pm with theoretical, practical and preclinical classes.
  • Morning – lectures, pre-clinical sessions and discussion of clinical cases.
  • Afternoon – clinical activities (hands-on and practice with patients).
  • Total hours of training: 50h.



  • Dr. Ivo Lopes
  • Dr. Daniel Lobão
  • Dr. David Morais


  • 8 Operative Chairs;
  • Surgery Room;
  • Theoretical and Pre-clinic Room;
  • CBCT Scan;
  • Photography Studio.


  • On request
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Day 1 | Theoretical / Practical

Total Arch Rehabilitations

Principles of immediate loading

Type of total arch rehabilitation:

  • Classic Protocol with 6 implants from surgery to final prosthesis surgery
  • All-on-4 protocol – from surgery to final prosthesis

Complications management

Day 2 | Theoretical / Practical

Atrophic maxilla – bone and tissue regeneration

Basic principles of guided bone regeneration


Guided bone regeneration techniques

Guided tissue regeneration techniques as a complement to implant surgery

Maxillary sinus elevation:

  • Indications / Contraindications;
  • Anatomy of the Maxillary Sinus
  • Crestal approach, Caldwel-Luc Technique

Block Graft (Mandibular branch; Mental);

PET and Socket Shield Technique;

PRF – Platelet Rich Fibrin;

Soft tissue grafting technique;

GBR and GTR practice in pig jaws.

Day 3 | Theoretical / Practical

Implants in the Esthetic Area

Aesthetic risk assessment

Criteria for placement of anterior implants

Techniques to optimize aesthetic rehabilitation predictability

Provisionalization techniques

Day 4 ,5 and 6 | Practical (patient surgeries)

Full Arch with immediate loading surgery protocols

Implant placement surgery in immediate esthetics

Bone and / or guided tissue regeneration surgery

Maxillary sinus lift surgery