17 - 22 May 2021
  • 3 Trainers
  • 4-6 Students
  • 6 Consecutive Days


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The course aims to enable the student to correctly diagnose, plan and perform oral rehabilitation using dental implants.

After transmitting all the theoretical knowledge necessary for the correct execution of implant placement surgery, after the practice of theoretical concepts in artificial and animal models, the students will have the opportunity to perform several surgeries on patients and carry out several stages of prosthetic rehabilitation.

The topics will range from the evolution of implants, bone physiology, anatomy applied to implantology, surgical and prosthetic material, incisions and sutures, diagnosis and treatment plan, step-by-step implant surgery, guided surgery, failure and complications, bone regeneration and tissues.

Support and follow-up are provided to each student after the course.

The course is limited to 6 students who will work in groups of 2. Each group of 2 will be able to put at least 10 implants.


  • Acquire fundamental technical knowledge of implantology, both surgical and prosthetic.

  • Know all the surgical components of the implant kit and know how to use it.

  • Acquire the fundamental technical knowledge of implantology using the AB Implants system.

  • Know all prosthetic alternatives, both fixed and removable, possible with dental implants.

  • Acquisition of knowledge of topics such as immediate loading, bone regeneration and soft tissue optimization.

  • Master implant surgery and simple implant-supported oral rehabilitation.

  • Direct contact with patients in the implant surgery and their prosthetic rehabilitation.


  • At the pre-clinical level the student will be evaluated in order to determine the existence of adequate aptitude for treatment in patients.

CLINICAL (Practice with Patients)

  • Each student will place between 5-10 Implants, in addition to having opportunity to perform molding and prosthetic tests on patients of previous training.
  • The clinical practice will be performed with patients under the guidance of Trainers.


  • 6 days Intensive and Consecutive from 9.30am to 7pm with theoretical, practical and preclinical classes.
  • Morning – lectures, pre-clinical sessions and discussion of clinical cases.
  • Afternoon – clinical activities (hands-on and practice with patients).
  • Total hours of training: 50h.


  • Ivan Toro
  • David Morais
  • Vitor Soares


  • 8 Operative Chairs;
  • Surgery Room;
  • Theoretical and Pre-clinic Room;
  • CBCT Scan;
  • Photography Studio.


  • On Request
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Day 1 | Theoretical / Practical

Anatomical review of maxillofacial facial

Review of basic oral surgery principles

Implant surfaces

Anatomy of Implants


Bone metabolism

Implant placement practice in artificial jaw

Day 2 | Theoretical / Practical

Pre and post operative medication

Diagnostic tests

Step by step implant surgery

Concepts of implant prosthesis

Analysis of inter-implant distances

Placement practice on animal bone

DAY 3 | Theoretical / Practical

Implant-supported prosthesis

Prosthetic components

Prosthetic Solutions

Impression Techniques

Prosthetic tests

Biomechanics of implants (concepts)

Elaboration of TT

Possible Complications

Practice of implant-supported prosthesis in models

DAY 4 | Theoretical / Practical

Concept approach

Implants anterior teeth

Immediate loading

Bone regeneration


Risk factors

Preparation of the surgeries to be performed

DAY 5 | Practical

Implant-supported prosthesis practice in patients from previous editions

Exposure of implants


Prosthetic tests

Placement of implant-supported prosthesis.

(the execution of these steps  depends on the availability of prosthetic cases from previous editions)

DAY 6 | Practical (patient surgeries)

Clinical pratice in patients